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Ex Load is an online service that lets you store important files online, so that you can access the same whenever you want. This is basically a file-hosting site that helps you to store data in a secure and safe way. It is based in the United States, but enjoys a wide number of users from across the globe. This agency is regarded widely as among the oldest cloud storage providers online, and has been for about 8 years in the business.

Ex Load Premium Account Prices

What Can You Get With Ex Load?

It is possible to get a free of cost storage space with Ex-load.com. Files can be uploaded and then shared easily with pals. A large file can be downloaded, a send a URL to the email of the recipient. This remote storage space for files can be accessed with ease. Files can also be downloaded from friends, and others.

When it comes to customer support, the help desk services of Ex-load.com are more or less average. You cannot get Live Chat or phone support option from this file hosting service provider. You can get in touch with its support team with the help of its ticketing option only, at the moment. In other words, you need to wait for some time to get a proper response from its support team.

On Ex-load.com, you can get two account options – free and premium. A Free account is okay for standard users while you can be assured of some interesting features with Ex Load premium account.

How safe is Ex Load?

This is a safe online resource. When you store sensitive files on any web based platform, security happens to be of prime importance. Due to this reason, you should check out Ex-load.com – which offers the most superior protection level. You can be assured of the most optimal level of security for all your documents and files. The host uses SSL encryption for the protection of files from any data breach or unauthorized access. This type of protection can ensure that even the smartest hackers can face high difficulties while trying to enter your account.

Ex Load disallows users from the creation of multiple accounts. This is due to its attempt to reduce the risks of fraud, and make it impossible to use the accounts of free members. It is apparently much more convenient to supervise any attempt for malicious access, in case a single account is run by each member.

Other than the standard security measures, the site encourages every member to create a strong password for the protection of his / her account on Ex-load.com. Members are also recommended to regularly change their own login credentials, so as to stop hackers on their tracks.

How to Get an Ex Load Premium Account?

To be able to buy a premium Ex-load.com account, you will only need to click on the BUY button that is given on the page along with the premium pricing plan of your choice. You will then need to pick an appropriate mode of payment, and pay.

There are 4 types of Ex-load.com premium plans at the moment:

  • 30 days – 1TB bandwidth, along with 65GB every couple of days
  • 90 days – Bandwidth of 3TB, along with 65GB every couple of days
  • 180 days – Bandwidth of 6TB along with an extra 2TB, along with 65GB every couple of days. Additional 60 days of free service are also offered.
  • 365 days – Bandwidth of 12TB along with an extra 4TB, along with 65GB every couple of days. Additional 120 days of free service are also offered.

There are many payment options available with this cloud storage provider, which can make sure you get to pay easily. These include:

  • SMS
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal

You can benefit from the Refund Policy of Ex-load.com. The website offers a complete payment refund for premium access, in case you cannot use the platform due to inaccessibility of the service or if you are unsatisfied with the quality of assistance that is offered. You will need to use the contact form given on the site to get in touch with the support team. You have to give them the date of premium account purchase, why you are asking for a full refund, and state the mode of payment.

What are the Advantages of an Ex Load Premium Account?

There are quite a few benefits:

Less download limit
As a premium account user, you can download around 1 TB every day. However, that is not possible for free account users. They cannot download multiple files in a day. This makes the free account okay only for people who wish to use Cloud storage now and then.

Support for Download-accelerator
No one likes to wait for the whole day for downloading a few files. As a free account user, you cannot accelerate your download. But if you upgrade to a premium account, you can enjoy much faster download speed. This is because you can get download accelerator tool support.

Download resume
You can resume your downloads. It is feature that is not there in the free account, and might annoy you. In case you start downloading a file, and the download gets obstructed for some reason, you cannot download it again. You have to restart the download all over again from the beginning. However, the premium account comes with support for the ‘resume’ feature. You can continue your download from the point where it was interrupted.

Download Delay

As a premium account user, you can immediately get on with your file download. If you are a free account user, you will need to wait for a few seconds before being able to download the files.

No Ads
If you are like any other online user, you hate to see ads every now and again. With a premium account, unlike a free account, you do not have to see ads that annoy you. You can upgrade to a premium plan, and enjoy an ad-free cloud storage experience.

Final Word

The best part thing about Ex Load  is that you can use it for free. Buy to enjoy more features, you need to upgrade to a premium account of the file hosting service. The premium membership comes at an affordable cost, and is worthwhile. If you have any question, please read Ex Load FAQ

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