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There are many people who choose to sign up for cloud hosting services for different needs. While some may choose it just for personal reasons there are others who choose to use them for their professional needs for file transfers and storage.

Choosing the best cloud hosting service provider would be important to ensure that you get the best service. Companies like not just offers you free and guest accounts for individuals but also premium accounts for businesses too.

Although selecting a free account can help you save money there are advantages that come along with using a premium account with We look at some of the supreme advantages that you can enjoy as a premium account holder with this service provider.

No Advertisements

Almost anyone would come to agree that advertisements while you are busy with work can annoy them a great deal. It can even become further frustrating if the advertisements are of no interest and popup when you are busy doing something.

This can happen to users when they are using as a free or guest user. These advertisements would not just slow down your progress but also make things irritating for you as well. Just for this reason people choose to become a premium member.

Once you sign up as a free member with you are able to do what you got to do without having any disturbances whatsoever. This means your work is uninterrupted and you have no distractions of advertisements at all while using this service.

No Wait Time

As a free user with you would have to wait for a few seconds for a download of your file to begin. Sometimes the wait time can be a little longer than a few seconds too. This can get especially annoying if you are hard put for time and are in a rush.

As a premium user of you would be able to overcome this issue with ease. There would be no wait time for your downloads or uploads and they would be given priority over others on the server once they are logged on as a premium user.

High Speed Downloads

Many people would know that the most annoying thing that they can do is wait for a download to complete on the internet. This is not just for businesses and important files but also for individuals alike. Slower downloads are what would happen with a free account.

However, once you are signed up for a premium account with ex-load your download speeds would increase considerably. It would be so fast that you would never have to wait too long for your downloads. Of course, this would depend on your local internet speed too.

Unlimited Space

Once you sign up and become ex load premium member you would not have to worry about the space you are using. Transferring files of large size and storing them would never be a problem. You virtually can transfer files of any size as a premium user.

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