How to transfer files securely to someone?

These days almost anything that we do has a connection with computers and technology. Signing documents, taking pictures, shooting videos, and even transferring them across to someone has to be done with the use of computers.
Gone are the days when all these things had to be done physically and were prone to damage and loss. With cloud storage, hosting, and transfer services like we can do almost anything from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go using mobiles.

File Security
There are two types of security that we would have to look at when files are being transferred to someone else. The first would have loss due to different causes and the other would have to do with theft or it falling in the wrong hands.
Loss due to natural causes or other causes like fire, flood, earthquakes and other disasters would mean that your data is lost forever. It usually happens with portable storage devices that are shipped. This means that your data becomes virtually irretrievable by all means.
Theft and the data falling in the wrong hands would mean that your data can be misused. Businesses have customer details on files that can be misused and cost them as well as the customers a fortune. This is also a common problem with portable devices.
However, to avoid this from happening you can choose the services like and transfer files in a secure manner. Your files can only be viewed by the intended recipients and not by anyone else. There are also no chances of it being lost due to any reasons too.

Why Not Email?
Emails were considered the primary methods by which files were transferred a few years back. However, they have their own limitations too when it comes to attaching a file to an email. This means large files cannot be transferred to anyone you like through email.
With you can overcome this issue as they offer unlimited sized files when it comes to uploads, downloads, and transfers. This usually means that you can transfer files of almost all sizes to anyone you please without having any trouble.

How to use Ex-Load.Com?
All you would be required to do is sign up with a free account or as a guest user with You would just have to provide some basic details and you can get started with transferring your information to anyone across the globe.
If you are unsatisfied with the restrictions that are common with the free or guest account you can always sign up to be a paid user. The paid or premium user virtually does not have any limits on transfers and file storage with the services of
You can sign up by paying for the plan that you choose and pay through the various options that they have. Once you are done and have your payment approved you would be all set to begin storing, transferring, uploading, and downloading files and folders immediately.

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