Reasons why to backup with Ex-Load

Reasons why to backup with Ex-load?
In this digital era everyone has his own smartphone, laptop, desktop and many other electronic gadgets. Everyone is looking for a good way to store his important data of those devices. Many people use physical hard drive to store it which is a good way but on the other hand it is also risk of theft or any damage to that or you can forget it at your place behind so it is the best way to save data online. This option is good because you can access to your data anywhere online without taking storage device along with you. Cloud storage is the way in which you can store data online. Online backup is also very important because it is the only easy way to regain your lost files. You can backup your files through online cloud. But again all cloud storage are not very ideal so it is difficult to choose best storage provider. Most of them give fake deals. Ex-load is different from others. They don’t make their clients fool by telling lies. It is one of the trustable cloud storage.

What is Ex-load?
It is a cloud host which give free online data storage, backup, uploading and downloading facilities. You can store all kind of your data including videos, images, audios, document files at the same place and access to them at any time you need. You can share your files with anyone by giving your link to them so it is very convenient to use Ex-load.

Why use Ex-load?
It is very good to backup with Ex-load because it has many benefits.
It has a lot of storage space and is free.
Any file can be downloaded anytime regardless of its length and load.
You can resume the downloading of file from anywhere when internet connection is restored after lost.
You can also upload you heavy files on Ex-load without any difficulty.
You can share your files with friends and anyone and can download their files too.
You can also optimize your privacy by setting a password on your files.
You can access your files easily and if you have lost any of your data from your device, you can backup it from Ex-load at any place where you find internet.
It has 128 bit data encryption that means that your files are safe and they are only accessible to those with whom you have shared the link.

How to use Ex-load?
Ex-load is very easy to use online service. The main thing you need is internet connection. You can easily open their site online, make account and start using it. It is available online free but you can also make their paid premium account which give you more facilities. It is suitable for all the operating systems and browsers. You can store file in any form in Ex-load cloud storage. Then if you want to share the files with someone you just have to provide the URL ink to that person.

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